Historic Sites

Saipan's unique history during World War II and prior to the war have left impressions and memorials across the island. These sites offer a chance to remember the sacrifices that were made by thousands of lost lives on Saipan during the War. Be sure to set aside some time during your visit to appreciate this important part of History for Saipan and the Pacific.

Last Command Post in Saipan The Last Command Post Back To Top

The Last Command Post was the sight of the last Japanese military stronghold on the island of Saipan during World War II. Situated at the base of Suicide Cliff, this memorial has been left in place with the bunker still in-tact, the canons all facing towards the sea, and even a couple corroded tanks on-site. There are informational placards to read about the specifics of this location. It is truly a humbling place to stand, when reflecting on the events that are memorialized by this site.


WWII Tanks in Saipan WWII Tanks Back To Top

Tanks from World War II can be seen in various places around the island. Aside from being located in the obvious places like The Last Command Post and other memorials, there are also a few tanks scattered throughout the lagoon in Saipan. They rest half-way submerged beneath the water, and are perfectly visible from the shore to this day.


Sugar King Park in Saipan Sugar King Park Back To Top

Sugar King Park pays tribute to Haruji Matsue, the successful entrepreneur that made Saipan's sugar-cane industry boom in the 1930s. Mr. Matsue built a small railroad system on Saipan, with a base in Chalan Kanoa, that greatly aided the harvesting and exporting of sugar cane, and the locomotive from that system sits in this park today, on the last bit of railroad track. This is a beautiful park, and is definitely worth a visit to those interested in this piece of pre-WWII Japanese history on Saipan.


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