Saipan's Beaches

The beaches in Saipan are the fulfillment of the words "tropical paradise". With lush exotic plants and coconut palms edging up to the clear, blue waters of Saipan's lagoons, and only the soft white sand between the two, you couldn't ask for a more picturesque place to soak in some sun while listening to the gentle Pacific waves washing up on the shore!

Ladder Beach in Saipan
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Ladder Beach is one of those cool little secrets of Saipan that is a favorite among locals. It is located just south of the airport on the southern part of the island, and provides a pristine rugged-ness. There are a set of stairs that lead down to the rocky beach, where you will find a large open-ended cave that is perfect for having cookouts in, or even spending the night in!

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Lau Lau Beach in Saipan
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Lau Lau Bay is usually brought up as a dive site or when talking about the Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort, however there is also a very beautifully secluded beach area tucked away in the bay! This beach is a little more rugged and raw than the white, smooth-sand beaches like Micro and Managaha, but that rawness is part of the beauty that makes Lau Lau an attractive tanning location. Inquire with local guides about relaxing under the palms at Lau Lau while you are on Saipan!

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Managaha Beach in Saipan
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It doesn't get more "tiny-tropical-island" than Managaha! About a mile from Saipan's shore (15-minute ferry ride), this little island in the lagoon is nothing but vast white sand beaches, towering coconut palms, and the clearest blue waters imagineable!

Managaha also has snorkel equipment rentals, beach volleyball setups, covered beach-side pavilions with grills, and a couple small beach grills serving up delicious food! This destination makes everyone's Must-Do list for Saipan!

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Micro Beach in Saipan
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Micro Beach is a beautiful white-sand beach that lines the outskirts of American Memorial park, and it shares its beach space with the Hyatt. It offers a beautiful view of Managaha, and offers lots of shade for pine trees and palms. There are also various picnic tables and pavilions spread throughout the park area behind the beach, making for a great picnic or barbecue spot.

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Playground Equipment

Obyan Beach in Saipan
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Obyan Beach, south of the airport near Ladder Beach, is a secluded and beautiful beach, as well as a popular dive site. It truly gives off one of those private "tropical paradise" vibes, and is a great place to pack a picnic lunch and relax to the sound of crashing waves on the reef, while laying in the shade of the palms.

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Pau Pau Beach in Saipan
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Located in San Roque on the northern side of the island, Pau Pau is favorite local beach for barbecues and get togethers. It has plenty of pavilions set up for cookouts, and offers plenty of prime snorkeling territory in its shallow waters. This is a great beach to catch the sunset from!

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Wing Beach in Saipan
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Wing Beach, one of the more secluded and less-visited beaches, is located in Marpi, just north of the Mariana Resort. This beach offers a unique beauty, as it is where the reef line meets the cliff line of the island. The lush tropical surroundings of Wing Beach, coupled with the large white sand beach, offer one of the most beautiful sunset beach spots on the island! This is also a perfect snorkeling spot, as the shallow reef is teaming with sea life.

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