Saving Money on Auto Parts

In today’s pressing economy more people are finding ways to save money and keep a little more at home than in retailer pockets. One very large expense in a family or to just about anyone is the cost of having an automobile.

Occasionally our rides may break down or need service and we would rather buy the parts ourselves and do the work.
Generally when you go to an auto parts store and request a part chances are the employee will pull the name brand first and if your not familiar with the cost than the price really means nothing to you. One big question for you to keep in mind is this.

When the parts person has found the part for your vehicle and gives you the price of it just asking this one question could save you in the ball park of 3 to 15 dollars. Ask the parts person if they would have the part in their house brand.

House brand parts are generally much cheaper than the name brand but as we all know as shoppers pretty much the same product. When purchasing a house brand part you are buying a part that the parts store chain is backing due to the low cost advertising on the packaging.

Most items you can save really big on without compromising quality are items such as tie rods, ball joints, bearings or seals for you automobile and even the tune up parts such as plug wires and distributor caps and rotor buttons will come with the same warranty as the name brand but with half the price.

As we all have found as shoppers a lot of times you are paying for the name on the packaging which is OK if your traditional toward a certain brand. I have found on older vehicles from say 70’s to around 2001 and even as new as 2007 there are many parts that you can purchase in the house brand.

Now in the event you have a vehicle under warranty you may want to check your owners manual for any stipulations as to what will void your warranty as far as parts or you doing the work yourself. Just a hint… if you are having your vehicle serviced at a dealer for maintenance because of manufacture warranty, make sure they are not purchasing after market parts and up selling to at 30%.

The old slogan we will not install parts you buy is merely a tactic to up sell you on the same part you can purchase with the same warranty. The difference would be the dealer will warranty the labor of the installed part.

I hope this helps some of you in saving a little money on the keeping your vehicle in top shape for the day to day hustle.

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